Hi, I'm back!
The other day, someone asked me about how and when I decided to write.
While I was working as the Facilities Manager—as I mentioned in my bio—another administrator at the school told me about a certain psychology professor at a New York College on Fifth Avenue who used horoscopes to indicate or suggest some of the background traits of prospective patients/clients. For practice, she was soliciting volunteers. Being curious, we jumped at the chance. Two weeks after sending the date, time, and place of my birth to this professor,  I met with her. The interview was taped. As we discussed my horoscopes "chart" she indicated a large section of its circle and said, "This area is so profound that I strongly encourage you to take advantage of it." When I asked her to elaborate, she told me that it involved writing.
Several months later I went to a class given by Elizabeth Ayres—founder of the Creative Writing Center in New York—given one Sunday at New York University. Shortly after that, I started going to weekly sessions with Elizabeth. That fall, I attended her wonderful retreat right down on the beach in Montauk, L.I., N.Y. Elizabeth was the one who launched my "career" or at least got me started on writing. The retreat continues annually. I have to admit that this year, when I read the details, saw the coast of Long Island and read about the accommodations on the beach, I longed to take advantage of it again. Unfortunately,my schedule does not permit it this year. Perhaps next???
Have a good day.